W6/CV-968 – RF Noise at the Summit

The Central Valley of California has 17 one point summits and W6/CV-968 is the closest to my QTH.  From I-80 take the Pena Adobe Exit into Lagoon Park.  Entry fee is $3.00 for a day pass.

aprs 968a

Drive past the dog park and there is a big parking lot at the trailhead.  I went on a Saturday morning and found lots of company for the hike – baby strollers, runners, bicyclists, little kids and big kids – lots of people.

gaia 968

The hike is up a gravel road that has portions that are degraded asphalt paving.

vaca 968

From the trail you have a view of Mount Vaca, another SOTA summit and from the top you have a view of the California Prison Medical Facility.  It took me about 1 hour for the ascent and 30 minutes for the descent – good footing all the way.  From the trailhead to the summit is 705 foot of elevation gain.

968 summit

There is a radio facility on this summit and I found this site to have a surprising amount of RF noise.  My apology to any chasers I did not call; the noise level on the summit prevented me from hearing all but the stronger stations.


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